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Life as we know it !

How do we reconcile what happens now? Depression takes hold and why wouldn't it? Plans for the future . . . gone, or at least put on hold--indefinitely. Caravan and traveling the blue highways? Retiring to our property? Where do we go from here? R will be with us for the rest of our lives, quite literally. We have to take care of him, make sure he's safe, make sure he's healthy.  Best laid plans, eh? I see others having fun, enjoying freedom, vanity vacations, etc. Is it worth it? You damned right it is !!! I am grateful to have our child alive and thriving (hopefully).  It's just a strange sensation, to think of things in pre/post, before/after mentality. Can I call it BG and AG, before-garage and after-garage respectively? Facebook is kinda sad for me now. I look at my Vegan Friends group hanging out and know that's not a part of my life any longer. I had just started getting to know them too.  But there are some good tradeoffs as well. Having A home is sure nice.