Remembering and paying homage to Ponyboy Curtis

The whole thing appears surreal to me, indeed to my whole immediate family. 

I couldn't write about it then as I was too emotionally vested. Even now, I'm afraid to write about it, afraid to relive it. But I must. Not just for myself, but for anyone else out there who needs the help, the support, or the realization that they're not alone.

I can't help but think back to one of my favorite books in Middle School, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. It's great for sure, but that's not why I can't help but recall it in this instance. (Spoiler alert) It's because the protagonist, Ponyboy Curtis, right after living his tale, now must sit down and put it down from memory. It's the first and last sentence of the novel. Classic!

That's where I am now. Trying hard to remember all the events that led to our current situation. Granted, he's a fictional character, but inspirational nonetheless. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Recollect the details, ready to write

I regret not writing during these crucial, life changing events. I have a great memory, but not sure if I can recount exactly how events transpired, how I felt at the time, how it all went down. But I do remember. Sometimes I can't help it. I see myself in the ICU room waiting for R3, waiting for any news. I see Anjelina morose, a far better stage than the compulsory crying. It's tragic and surreal.

One of my heroes is the fictional character of the Royal in Brotherhood of the Wolf. The pitchfork wielders bang at the door and he's compelled to tell the unbelievable story before he perishes. He owes it to the world and also the friends who are no longer here. Granted, it's fictional, but my backup is the story of Jack Kerouac and how he wrote On the Road when he got back from his whirlwind travels. The way I heard it, he maintained focus by using an uncut roll of typing paper. Oh man, I hope that's true. I refuse to research it to keep my fantasy illusion alive.

Well, here it goes . . . .


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